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Paul Running Second in New Poll

Photo by Daniel Reese/KUT News
A new CNN/Time/ORC poll puts Rick Perry in fifth place in Iowa, while Congressman Ron Paul runs virtually neck-and-neck for the lead.

A new opinion poll of Iowa Republican voters shows an interesting shift, but no real gains for either Texas Congressman Ron Paul or Governor Rick Perry.

The CNN/Time/ORC poll was conducted December 21-27. Congressman Paul, with 22 percent of the supportm, now trails former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney by three points, well within the polls 4.5 percent margin of error. Governor Perry fell to fifth place, behind former House speaker Newt Gingrich and a suddenly resurgent Rick Santorum. The former Pennsylvania senator is now in third place with 16 percent. Perry is still sitting on 11 percent.

A poll of likely New Hampshire GOP voters shows Paul running a distant second to Romney, who is widely expected to win the Granite State handily on January 10. Governor Perry is at two percent in New Hampshire.