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Biographies Collide in Race for Texas Comptroller

via Texas Tribune
Mike Collier (D) and Glenn Hegar (R) each believe their work experience will make them a good Comptroller.

The Texas Comptroller has the very important job of telling lawmakers how much money they have to spend in each 2-year budget. Getting that answer wrong can lead to millions or billions in unnecessary budget cuts.

The top two candidates running this year both say they'll be the person to make the office better.

Republican State Senator Glenn Hegar came out of a crowded field in the Republican primary, focusing mostly on his anti-abortion legislation and gun use.

Hegar also focused on his life as a farmer. He also talked on the campaign trail and in campaign videos about how his hard work on the family farm has given him a "get the job done" mentality that will make him a good Comptroller.

Democrat Mike Collier has focused on his work experience as well in his run for the office. But Collier is a professional accountant with decades of experience working with large financial firm.

Collier says as Comptroller he'll be a non-partisan financial watchdog. Making sure the state's money is being spent the right way.

Both Collier and Hegar say they'll pare back the scope of the Comptroller's office, bringing it back in line with it's original goals and oversight functions.

But Hegar also sees room for expansion. He'd like to bolster the state's cyber security program out of that office, to make sure the state's accounts, and those of its employees, remain safe.

Hegar has a double digit lead in recent polls.

Ben Philpott is the Managing Editor for KUT. Got a tip? Email him at Follow him on Twitter @BenPhilpottKUT.
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