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Better Know Your Ballot: The 7 Statewide Constitutional Propositions for 2015

Early voting for the Nov. 3 statewide elections ends tomorrow.

Find your local polling places here.

The Nov. 3 ballot [sample here] contains the seven proposed Constitutional amendments jointly approved by the Texas Legislature during its most recent session. KUT’s Ben Philpott has been covering these propositions in a series called Better Know Your Ballot.

Prop 1: Homestead Exemption — This Amendment would raise the Homestead Exemption limit and ease some of the property tax load for Texas homeowners.

Prop 2: Veteran Surviving Spousal Benefits Fix — Prop 2 seeks to retroactively amend a state law allowing veterans’ surviving spouses to collect certain benefits.

Prop 3: Lawmaker Residency Opt-Out — This amendment would maintain the requirement for the Governor to live in the governor’s mansion, but would allow other state officials to maintain residency somewhere other than within Austin’s city limits.

Prop 4: Pro Sports Charity Raffles — Prop 4 would allow that state’s professional sports teams to hold more than two (as dictates the current rule) 50-50 charity raffles per season.

Prop 5: Reducing Costs for Rural County Roads — The state constitution currently allows counties with 5,000 residents or fewer to construct and maintain private roads. Prop 5 raises that population bar to 7,500.

Prop 6: Shooting Down Future Hunting Restrictions — This proposition would prohibit future restrictions on hunting and fishing rights in Texas.

Prop 7: A Texas Road Funding Fix — Prop 7 would increase the amount of money taken from the state's vehicle registration tax — up to $2.5 billion — to go towards maintaining Texas roadways. 

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