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LIVE: President Trump Speaks For The First Time At The UN General Assembly

Screenshot via PBS NewsHour

President Donald Trump will speak before the United Nations General Assembly this morning. It's the first time Trump will speak before the body, which he made a point of criticizing on the campaign trail. 

The president is expected to urge member nations, namely China, to step up pressure on North Korea after a spate of nuclear tests in the past year. A White House official told NPR's Scott Horsley that Trump will also pitch a platform of self-interest in line with his "America First" domestic policies. 

"The United Nations, as the president will explain, was conceived on the idea of independent nation-states cooperating together," said the White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid stepping on the president's message. "It's only a pretty recent development that some in the world have articulated a vision of top-down governance."

Watch a livestream of the speech below, courtesy of PBS Newshour. 

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