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We're Hosting A Live Discussion About Homelessness In Austin. What Questions Do You Have?

Gabriel C. Pérez

The Austin City Council's approval of a new city-owned shelter and its revisions to city law that expand where people can rest, camp and ask for money have sparked a polarizing discussion about public safety, public health and the future of Austin itself.

So, we're dedicating an hourlong broadcast to the issue of homelessness.

We want to have a measured discussion that covers the entire spectrum, addresses all concerns and moves the conversation as a whole forward with the help of city officials, neighborhood groups, police, service providers and the people with the most at stake – Austinites living on the street.

Listen in on the conversation, hosted by Jennifer Stayton, during Morning Edition on Aug. 1 at 9 a.m, or watch a stream of the show on Facebook.

We have limited space, so we're not inviting the public to attend, but we still want to hear from you – your questions, comments, concerns, whatever you've got. Let us know in the form below, and we'll try as best as we can to address them during our show or in our coverage of the issue going forward.


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