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Armstrong Out at Livestrong Foundation

Lance Armstrong has fully stepped down from Livestrong, the cancer-fighting charity he helped create.

Armstrong stepped down as Livestrong chairman in in mid-October. He apparently resigned from the board on Nov. 4, although news outlets didn’t catch up with that news until this weekend.

The Washington Post spoke with a Livestrong official. He told the Post the move was necessary to preserve Livestrong's viability:

In a statement, new board chairman Jeff Garvey said Armstrong resigned from the board to spare the organization any negative effects resulting from the controversy surrounding his cycling career.

Armstrong has been hounded by allegations he used performance-enhancing drugs and doping during his Tour de France winning streak.

On Oct. 17, Armstrong announced he was stepping down as chairman from the Livestrong Foundation. Nike has since dropped its sponsorship of Armstrong, saying that he “misled” the corporation for more than a decade. Other sponsors have followed suit – distancing themselves from Armstrong but maintaining support for Livestrong.

Armstrong himself fanned the flames surrounding his Tour de France wins this weekend. On Sunday, he Tweeted a photo of himself lounging beneath his winning tour jerseys, with the message “Back in Austin and just layin' around." 

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