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Setting a New Standard for Texas

Texas Standard's David Brown with Atlanta Mayor Kasin Reed.

Though its history is short, the legacy of “Texas Standard” already big. “Texas Standard” is the name of the news magazine that will begin daily production early in 2015. However, KUT has already started to air segments produced by “Texas Standard.”

Perhaps you heard David Brown interviewing Wendy Davis? Maybe you heard the story about the teen-ager who fishes for carp in the manhole outside his house? These types of stories tell you what you need to know about “Texas Standard.” The new program will be focused on telling the stories of Texas with a nod toward the rest of the nation.

We are excited about the future of “Texas Standard” and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the daily show. In the meantime, check out the web site created for show. And, while you are on the site, make a gift to support the programming you listen to regularly on KUT.Your support today will help pay for the great things we have planned!

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