Food Insecurity

Julia Reihs / KUT

Children in 11 Central Texas ZIP codes are at high risk of food insecurity because of COVID-19, a new study finds. And the situation is further compounded by a lack of access to high-speed internet as they try to continue their education online.

Unprecedented Demand Strains Texas Food Banks

Apr 21, 2020
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From Texas Standard:

With so many Texans out of work because of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, food banks are the state’s newest first responders. And the soaring demand is pushing Texas food banks to the limit as they, too, wait for sorely needed state and federal aid to arrive.

Julia Reihs/KUT

From Texas Standard:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, food banks across the country are tasked with serving those in need from all walks of life. And many people are using food bank services for the first time.

In Texas, food banks are doing what they can to help those facing food insecurity, but they face many challenges.

Commentary: To Solve The Hidden Epidemic Of Teen Hunger, Listen To Those Who Experience It

Dec 26, 2019
Photos of food, including Cheerios, fried chicken, barbecue and water bottles.
Courtesy Stephanie Clintonia Boddie

For many young people, the toughest choice they will ever have to make about food is what to eat at home or what to choose from a menu.

But for Texas high schoolers Tamiya, Juliana, Trisha, Cara and Kristen, the choices they have to make about food are more difficult. For them, the conversation is less about food and more about how to put food on the table.