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Jeb & George P. Bush Talk Texas Education Reform (Update)

Ben Philpott, KUT News

Update: This morning, Jeb Bush had much to say on education reform and potential strategies Texas can use to ensure student achievement. His main point was, basically, if you want success, you have to fund it.

“A lesson we learned is put money behind the reforms and you’ll get better results," Bush said. "There’s enough money in the system. This whole argument that somehow we’re not funding schools adequately and I know it’s a big debate here. I would argue that maybe we should be funding the first things first. Put the priorities where you want to see the results and you’ll get a significantly better result.”

Original Story (8:16 a.m.): Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush* will address the Texas Senate Committee on Education this morning.

His expected to encourage Texas lawmakers to back away from public education and expand efforts to embrace charter schools and online learning, while placing an emphasis on the value of teachers.

Bush senior, but also his son, George P. Bush, spoke last night at an education forum organized by the Texas Business Leadership Council.

Head of the Texas Senate Education Committee, Dan Patrick, has led efforts to expand charter schools by pushing for a voucher program that would fund families to move their children from poor-performing public schools to private ones.

The Texas Senate Committee on Education public hearing on the national best practices for education reform will begin in the Senate Chamber at 9 a.m.

*This story has been changed to reflect a correction. An earlier version of this story stated that George P. Bush was also scheduled to speak at this morning's committee meeting. He was not.

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