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'The Tacos of Texas' is the Ultimate Taco Road Trip

Crispy taco (top) and breakfast taco (bottom) from Mi Madre's in Austin.

From Texas Standard:

In a state where the taco reigns supreme, it was inevitable that someone would write the be-all, end-all book on the subject.

That’s exactly what taco journalistsArmando Rayo andJarod Neece have done. The two taco-lovers embarked on a journey across 10 cities in Texas to find the best, the worst and the weirdest tacos for their new book,The Tacos of Texas.


“I enlisted the proud, the few, to capture everything. All the crazy stories we ran into, all the tacos, all the people that we interviewed,” Rayo said.  We wanted to capture the taco vibe, the taco culture of each city.”

What you’ll hear in this interview:

– Which cities they say are the best for tacos

– What ties together the tacos of Texas

– Their connections to the taco

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