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Occupy Austin Being Evicted

Photo courtesy
A detail of a photo sent out by Occupy Austin, declaring its encampment prohibited under new city rules.

Word broke at approximately 10:20 this evening that Occupy Austin was being evicted by police from City Hall, where protesters have stayed since October. 

The Occupy Austin twitter account posted a photo this evening describing a new policy, a "Notice of Change to City Hall Building Use Policy,"  apparently effective as of yesterday, Feb. 2. It prohibiting sleeping and camping in the plaza outside City Hall, where members of the group have stayed. It also states the facilities  cannot be used between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. 

You can view a livestream of the events currently unfolding at City Hall here. A separate livestream from Occupy Austin Twitter magnet Kit O'Connell is available here.

UPDATE 12:35 a.m. Both livestreams are no longer currently broadcasting, partially in response to reports on Twitter that police were using them to ascertain the location of the Occupy Austin protesters who left City Hall to march through Downtown. You can read more on the eviction at the Austin American-Statesman.


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