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Austin Police Show Off Seized Cash, Guns and 'A Tremendous Amount of Heroin'

Photo by Divya Darsi for KUT News
The Austin Police Department seized nearly $8 million worth of drugs in three raids in March.

Pounds of pot, kilos of cocaine and bundles of bills were on display at an Austin police station today.

The department’s organized crime division was showing off what it obtained from three major drug seizures over the past month. APD Assistant Chief Sean Mannix said officers also captured more than six-and-a-half pounds of tar heroin.

"In talking to the other officers and detectives, supervisors in the room, none of us in our memories can remember a seizure of heroin that large in the city of Austin,” said Assistant Chief Mannix. “It’s a tremendous amount of heroin."

Total street value of the drugs seized exceeded $8 million. Mannix said all three cases involved Mexican nationals transporting drugs through the southern border to Austin for distribution.  He said it was hard to say how big a dent this put in the drug dealing business. "It’s tough to put it in a specific perspective, just how much of a deterrent effect this has, or how it interrupts the flow of narcotics in Austin."

Earlier this month, an alleged cocaine distribution ring was busted in Austin that police said was distributing five kilograms a week.

KUT’s Flickr Page has more from the drug bust. We’ve also embedded a slide show of the photos, taken by Divya Darsi for KUT News.

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