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Something's Growing at the 'Micro Farm,' UT's Student-Run Garden

Gefei Liu for KUT News

Herbs and vegetables are growing at the University of Texas’ student operated micro farm.

At the backyard-sized farm, located off of Manor Road, a green house is still under construction. But farmers have planted tomatoes and herbs, including lavender and mint. Workers have about three months until the farm is completely set up.

The micro farm is meant to be a place for students to experiment with and learn about farm management. Juliet Laney, a student coordinator with the micro farm, said it took a year to get everything ready.

“We didn't have plants here until May because we didn’t have water for that whole time,” Laney says. “So we were just doing the prep stuff, like getting the  structure built.”

Besides supplying dining halls on campus, a portion of the micro farm’s crops will also be sold.

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