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Austin Ad Firms Scored Two Super Bowl Spots

Talk of the Super Bowl's "sad ads" has dominated post-game non-football-based discussions, but there were actually some commercials during yesterday's game that didn't intend to pull heartstrings or motivate consumerism via shame spirals and guilt trips.

Austin advertising firm GSD&M followed up on last year’s success with another TV commercial airing on Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s an ad for Avocados From Mexico, with the premise that millions of years ago was the ”first draft day” when the lands of the Earth drafted their native animals and plants.

The pick disappointed the polar bear, who was hoping for warm, sunny beaches. Last year, the GSD&M team produced this ad for Fort Worth-based Radio Shack (there's news today that the Shack will be closing half its remaining stores and selling off the rest):

Fans who watched the game on Telemundo would've seen this Spanish-language Budweiser ad, which was produced by Austin ad firm LatinWorks

Advertising time during the big game is known for being expensive; this year a 30-second spot would have set advertisers back about $4.5 million, the Wall Street Journal reports.