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TABC Trying to Speed Up Alcohol Licensing

Caleb Miller for KUT News

The House Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures met Wednesday to take a look at streamlining the alcoholic licensing and permitting process.

According to the Texas Tribune, interim Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) director Sherry Cooke told the committee that her agency wants to consolidate the processes for beer and liquor licenses.

The issue is that there are two separate processes for receiving a beer license and liquor licenses. Some of the applications for those permits can be processed through TABC, but others have to involve county courts.

Exploring possible reforms, including electronic filing,  could make it easier and faster for businesses to get a license to sell alcohol and cut down on administrative work for TABC. Any changes would need to be approved by the state legislature. But the Tribune notes some are concerned that the public will no longer have enough time to protest licenses.

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