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Questions Still Surround Decades-Old Murders at Lake Waco

Texas Monthly
The Lake Waco murders are the subject of a new story in Texas Monthly.

In 1982, a grisly triple homicide in Waco shook residents faith in their community. Three teenagers were killed, and local police struggled with the investigation. The murders were just the beginning of a story that spans decades and involves dozens of characters, many of which became obsessed with both the murders and how the case was prosecuted. Now anew story in Texas Monthly by Michael Hall raises troubling questions about how the state handles justice.

"If there's one thing for certain, it's that the Lake Waco murder case does stand on its own," Hall writes in the story, 'Murders at the Lake,' in the April issue of Texas Monthly

"It's hard to think of another crime that has provoked so many long-lingering questions and involved so many people, all of whom have a stake in the DNA tests and many of whom remain haunted by events from three decades ago," he says.

Hall sat down to talk about how he reported the story, why it pulls so many people in, and how criminal justice is changing in Texas. Listen to our interview in the player above.

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