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Survival and Identity in 'The 5th Wave'

Filipa Rodrigues, KUT News

Imagine: The world as you know it has ended. People are gone. Food is scarce. Vicious animal roam freely. You are alone, fighting an enemy so devious, so powerful, so undetectable, you question your own sanity. You are 16.

That is the premise of Rick Yancey’s new young-adult novel, The 5th Wave. KUT’s Emily Donahue spoke with Yancey about the existential questions the characters grapple with along the way.

I think that’s in the main wheelhouse of teen fiction, at least, good teen fiction. It’s been a while since I was a teen, but that’s a question that I wrestled with as a teen -- who am I, how do I fit in, what is fundamentally “me” and what is being defined for me by peers or my parents or the people in the community? Who am I?

Yancey will be at BookPeople tonight at 7.

Emily Donahue is a former grants writer for KUT. She previously served as news director and helped launch KUT’s news department in 2001.