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A 'Traffic Jam' You Might Enjoy


Steve Parker truly enjoys staging large-scale and unusual musical pieces. Among other projects, he's organized performances for 100 marching tubas, he's staged an outdoor performance for a dozen trombonists arranged around the perimeter of a lake, and he's created multiple sound installations as part of the Blanton Museum's SoundSpace series.

His latest undertaking, Traffic Jam, may be his largest yet. It's an outdoor, interactive concert featuring a chorus of car horns, choreographed pedicabs, sound installations played over car stereos, and more. It all happens this Sunday at the Blue Starlite Drive-In, a huge parking lot in the Mueller area. While Parker is under no delusion that a concert about traffic will solve any of Austin's traffic woes, he does hope that we can "repurpose this percieved negative into a positive, temporarily."

Up to 80 audience members are invited to participate in the piece, playing their car horns to a pre-prepared score. To find out more about participating and/or enjoying the show, check out the Traffic Jam page at Traffic Jam takes place Sunday, May 24 at the Blue Starlite.

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