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Ethan Azarian: 'Survive Yourself'


For many years, musician and painter Ethan Azarian staged an annual show of his works in his own home; his "In-House Galleries" became a well-known holiday event in Austin. These days, the home-based shows are no more, and Ethan has started putting together a quadrennial solo show at what he calls "a real gallery," by which he means a gallery space that's not also his own living room.

Ethan's 2015 show is 'Survive Yourself," opening this weekend at the Pump Project Gallery. It's a showing of some of his larger works, including many of what Ethan considers his best paintings of the past few years. 

To commemorate the occasion, Ethan's also planning his first-ever artist talk on May 30. He promises it'll be short, partially because he doesn't believe anybody wants to hear him give a two hour lecture about his body of work, and partially because he's a little nervous about speaking on the subject. "I thought about maybe I would just sing a song about my paintings," he says. "That would be easier for me."

'Survive Yourself' will have an opening reception and artist talk on Saturday, May 30, with a preview of the show on May 29. It'll be open through the weekend.

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