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Where I'm From

Read by Ebony Stewart

I am from family

from Kate, Brian, Wesley, and Sam

I am from friends

who make me feel better

when I’m down

I am from hairpins and braids

And tall pecan trees

that I hug

like they’ll make everything perfect

I am from salad and dressing

from swimming pools and lemonade stands

I am from scissors and glue sticks

mistakes and triumphs

from “Go away” and “Quiet down”

I’m from overripe apples

that I used to give to my dog

until I learned they weren’t good for her

I’m from ice cream shops

that are sweet when it’s hot

I’m from soccer and kickball

running around the field from my dad

then my brother doing it too

In a room there is a drawer

full of old photographs and jewelry

that I look at as I wish

that my great-grandparents were still alive

I am from the love of my family

Who surround me.

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