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Gun Show Ban Bill Passes Without a Bang

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Today, all the eyes of Texas are upon the House, which is debating the budget in what is probably one of the busiest (and longest) days for the Texas legislature.

But all that hustle and bustle on the east end of the Capitol isn’t all that’s going on.

A bill that passed today in the Senate targets the Austin City Council and Travis County by proposing limits to a city’s ability to limit gun purchases or ban including gun shows.

State Senator Glenn Hegar’s (R-Katy) Senate Bill 987 allows the Attorney General to file suit against any city or municipality that attempts to ban gun shows.

If passed by the House passes the bill and it's signed by Gov. Perry, the bill would further dampen attempts from Travis County and the Austin City Council earlier this year to ban gun shows on county property by giving Attorney General Greg Abbott the ability to file suit against the county for infringing upon the right to sell firearms.

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