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Texas Primary Runoff Election Results & Analysis

Michael Stravato/Texas Tribune
Repubican State Rep. Dan Patrick chats with reporters while stoping at a polling station in Cypress, Texas Tuesday, May 27, 2014 to stump for votes in his runoff for the Republican spot for Lt Gov. against Lt Gov David Dewhurst.

Polls across Texas are now closed in the 2014 Democratic and Republican primary runoff elections. Since the start of early voting May 19, voters have selected six candidates that will run in November's general election. 

Republican runoff voters cast ballots in four contests:

  • The bitter battle for Lieutenant Governor nominee, pitting incumbent David Dewhurst against State Sen. Dan Patrick. Patrick has won the nomination.
  • The Attorney General battle between State Rep. Dan Branch and State Sen. Ken Paxton. Paxton has won the nomination.
  • The Agriculture Commissioner contest between former state Reps. Tommy Merritt and Sid Miller. Miller has won the nomination.
  • The Railroad Commissioner runoff between former state Rep. Wayne Christian and oil and gas consultant Ryan Sitton. Sitton has won the nomination.

On the Democratic side, two contests:

  • The nominee for U.S. Senate, between establishment favorite David Alameel and outsider Kesha Rogers. Alameel has won the nomination.
  • The Agriculture Commissioner runoff between entertainer Kinky Friedman and unknown Jim Hogan. Hogan has won the nomination.

This post is no longer being updated. Read below for updates as they came in election night.

Update: After Besting Dewhurst in Primary, Patrick Looks Toward November

State Sen. Dan Patrick has won the Republican Party’s nomination for Texas Lieutenant Governor. Sen. Patrick handily won today’s primary runoff against incumbent David Dewhurst, Lieutenant Governor since 2002.

Patrick addressed his supporters in Dallas a short time ago. "For everyone watching tonight, if you love America, the Constitution, Texas, free markets, the Second Amendment and the liberty that comes from God, welcome to the grassroots of the Republican party," Patrick said.

Patrick also said he wouldn't rely solely on Republicans for support.

"Let me tell you what we're going to do starting this week. We're going to go into Democratic strongholds," Patrick said. "Some Democrats have said they want me to be the nominee. Well, they've got me – and I'm coming."

Democratic Lt. Gov. nominee Leticia Van De Putte released a statement saying she will focus on what she called "smart business decisions" for Texas "regardless of political party."

Update: Texas Rep, Oldest Living Member of House, Defeated (9:33 p.m.)

A 91-year-old Texas Republican – the oldest-ever member of the U.S. House – has been defeated in a primary runoff.

Relatively-unknown Republican primary challenger John Ratcliffe beat U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall in the first runoff Hall ever faced. Ratcliffe had the backing of national conservative groups, while nonagenarian Hall countered with a traditional campaigning style – though he too was endorsed by some top tea party activists.

No Democrat is running, which means Ratcliffe will win in November.

Update: Unsuccessful Tea Party Challenge to State Education Board (9:26 p.m.)

Republican State Board of Education member Pat Hardy has defeated a Tea Party challenger with no educational or school administration experience.

Hardy has spent three decades teaching social studies and has sat on the state board for 12 years. Restaurant manager Eric Mahroum had criticized Hardy for voting with Democrats on some issues, including whether creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public schools. 

Update: Dewhurst Concedes – 'Stand Tall and Keep Your Head Held High' (9:01 p.m.)

Incumbent David Dewhurst had been in the Lieutenant Governor's office for a dozen years until he was defeated in the GOP runoff primary tonight. Dewhurst concluded his concession speech just moments ago. 

"As a campaign team, I just want to say, I'm glad that against a tsunami of untrue attacks, you stuck with the principle honesty is the best policy," Dewhurst told the crowd. 

"Stand tall and keep your head held high," he continued. "You stand tall against the attacks from the other team that were continuing thorough today." Still, Dewhurst pledged to support Dan Patrick in his Lt. Gov. bid against Democratic nominee state Sen. Leticia Van De Putte this fall. "Tomorrow we rise to a new challenge, together," he said. "And that new challenge that we rise to tomorrow is we must unite in order to win in November."

Dewhurst tried two years ago to win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, but lost that to Ted Cruz – who like Dan Patrick, has the support of Tea Party voters.

Credit Marjorie Kamys Cotera/Texas Tribune
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst during his concession speech after losing his reelection bid to Sen. Dan Patrick.

Update: Interview with Dem Senate Nominee Alameel (8:33 p.m.)

KUT's Ben Philpott spoke with the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, David Alameel, earlier this month. 

"I'm very, very passionate about the working family," Alameel said. "I myself started out very, very poor and I was working for a living at very, very low pay for half of my life. And I became successful in the second half of my life. And so I don't forget how poor we were. And how important it is to have a good job, a good education, to be able to have that opportunity to achieve the American dream the way I did."

Listen to the interview below:

Update: Attorney General, Ag Commissioner, Railroad Races Called (8:15 p.m.)

The AP has called the GOP Attorney General runoff for Ken Paxton. It's also called the Democratic Agriculture Commissioner race for Jim Hogan. And the Texas Tribune has called GOP Railroad Commission Place 2 race for Ryan Sitton.

Update: Lt. Gov. Race Called for Patrick (7:42 p.m.)

The Texas Tribune has called the Lieutenant Governor runoff for Dan Patrick.

Update: Democrats Defeat Rogers – Kinky's Chances Not Much Better (7:39 p.m.)

Dem early voting totals show establishment choice for U.S. Senate David Alameel trouncing Kesha Rogers 73 to 28 percent. Rogers, a Lyndon LaRouche acolyte disowned by the Democratic party, has repeatedly called for Pres. Obama's impeachment.

Runoff voters weren’t as friendly to Kinky Friedman, who is losing to Jim Hogan in early voting. Both candidates are outsiders in the Democratic party, but Hogan – who has declined to fundraise, campaign or state he will appear with fellow Democratic nominees – has increasingly alienated Democratic insiders since his primary night showing. That doesn’t look like it's been any help to Friedman, however – who even lost in Travis County early voting, 44 to 56 percent.

Update: First Look at Republican Results (7:19 p.m.)

Our reporting partners the Texas Tribune have early voting totals on their website. (It's worth noting polls in El Paso are in a different time zone and not closed yet.)

So far, most Republican leaders on primary election night maintain comfortable leads.

In the Lt. Gov. race, Dan Patrick leads David Dewhurst 60 percent (56,936) to 40 percent (38,257).  In the Attorney General race, Ken Paxton leads 61 percent (57,296) to Dan Branch's 39 percent (35,984). And in the Ag Commissioner runoff, Sid Miller leads Tommy Merritt.

The only change from primary election night is in the Railroad Commissioner race, where Ryan Sitton, who trailed Wayne Christian, is now up in early voting, 57 to 43 percent.

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