How to Deal With Road Rage

Apr 11, 2014

Austin is now ranked as the fourth worst city in the nation for traffic. According to an annual traffic scorecard, Austinites waste an average of 41 hours in traffic annually. 

It’s no wonder then that we're encountering more vehicular aggression on overcrowded Austin roads. So what’s happening in our brains when we encounter that familiar feeling of intense frustration we call road rage? The Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke, break it down in this week’s episode.

Here's something to consider: The  length of your commute directly correlates to a person’s levels of reported happiness in life.

While you can't control that tailgater riding your rear, we are in control of ourselves. We can make a conscious choice about how we will react to the sensations of frustration and stress traffic tends to induce. 

Next time you feel tension rising, channel your inner Zen master. Use deep breathing and relaxation to banish the road rage demons. 

There is actually a person – just like you – operating every one of those 2,000 pound projectiles on the road. The people matter most  – think safety first.