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From Special Forces to Special Teams: Iraq Vet Newest Longhorn

Boyer photo; stadium photo KUT News

Green Beret Staff Sgt. Nate Boyer fulfilled a long-time dream during last Saturday’s Longhorn football game against New Mexico. Boyer joined the team as a walk-on after his tour with the Special Forces in Iraq. Now he represents the Longhorns’ special teams as a deep snapper.

Boyer is a unique figure on the team. Being ten or so years older than his teammates, he brings a certain sense of maturity and imbues a breath of enthusiasm into the new season.

Having gone to a high school without a football team, Boyer said at today's Mack Brown press conference that his only advantage was his work ethic and his ‘no-regrets’ mentality. “I just felt confident that going through what I’d gone through, I could make the team and help out in any way and at least be a part of it,” Boyer said. 

In his game debut Saturday, Boyer found himself to be more nervous snapping the ball in front of a cheering crowd of 100,000 than during any wartime experience. But he says he’s no stranger to the feeling. “I think if you’re not nervous and not a little bit scared in whatever you’re doing, then you should challenge yourself a bit more,” he said.

Game three pits the Horns against Ole Miss Saturday, Sept. 15

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