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Gov. Greg Abbott Cancels Shotgun Giveaway After Santa Fe Shooting

Laura Buckman for The Texas Tribune
Gov. Greg Abbott's campaign has removed a shotgun giveaway from its website.

After 10 people were killed by a student firing a shotgun and a .38 revolver at Santa Fe High School last week, Gov. Greg Abbott's re-election campaign has dropped a shotgun giveaway from his website.

The contest, which a campaign official said was changed over the weekend, now features a $250 gift certificate redeemable anywhere as the prize. The original contest page on Abbott’s site displayed an image of the governor with a shotgun and a banner that read, “Win a Texas-Made Shotgun.” Anyone who entered an email address and other basic information could sign up.

The contest page is now titled “Contest” and contains a blurb at the bottom that reads, “Winner will receive a certificate of not more than $250.” Neither the original shotgun giveaway language nor the Abbott picture appears on the page, which says the entry period for the contest will run from May 1 through May 31.

Abbott, a Republican who’s running for a second term as governor, announced after Friday’s shooting that he’s will begin convening roundtable discussions this week with stakeholders to discuss gun safety at Texas schools. Abbott also mentioned then he had several new proposals for the state’s gun laws in the works.


From The Texas Tribune


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