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Cap Metro Workers Should Keep Jobs Under Contractors

Contractors will take over employee management duties for Capital Metro in a few months.
Photo courtesy Van Sutherland via Flickr
Contractors will take over employee management duties for Capital Metro in a few months.

This morning, Capital Metro bus drivers and mechanics met their soon-to-be employers. Representatives from the companies that Cap Metro is contracting out services with were at the bus garages at 4 a.m. for a quick meet and greet.

Yesterday, the Capital Metro Board of Directors voted tooutsource hundreds of employees. Those include regular bus drivers and mechanics along with people who provide door-to-door services for the disabled.

A new law required Cap Metro either to outsource their workers or bring them in as state employees. A union representing many drivers and maintenance workers chose to be contracted out so that they could maintain collective bargaining rights.

Most current employees are almost guaranteed they will get to keep their jobs under the new contracts. Capital Metro spokesperson Misty Whited says that was something the agency  made sure of.

"The board had adopted some core terms that we put in the procurement that basically said' you have to give them a job offer, you have to give them the same wages, you have to give them comparable benefits and you have to offer a retirement plan,'" said Whited.

Workers will have to pass a drug test and physical. Supervisors are not guaranteed positions with the contractors but are promised first preference.

The new contracts will go into effect August 19. At that point, Cap Metro will only directly employ about 200 people and will focus on contract management along with budgeting and routing.

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