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Airport Commission Mulls New Customs Capacity

KUT News

The Austin Airport Advisory Commission votes tonight on the construction of a $5 million temporary customs building at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

The proposed add-on would open in November of this year, and is scheduled to close 24 months later. 

An airport spokesman says the extension is necessary to keep traffic flowing smoothly through the airport during this fall’s Formula 1 race and beyond. 

“Currently our customs facility allows the processing of 90-100 international passengers per hour,” said Halbrook. “This new interim facility would allow the processing of over 400 international passengers per hour.”

Halbrook also hinted that this terminal might stay open longer than the slated 24-months. 

“The interim customs facility would be very helpful while we are taking the other one out of service for a bit,” said Halbrook, referring to planned construction to the Barbara Jordan terminal. 

The construction will extend the existing terminal starting in Spring 2013. 

The scheduled permanent addition to the airport’s eastern side will both increase the size of the airport, adding several security checkpoints, and expand the existing customs and immigration terminal. 

The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport was originally constructed in 1996, and was opened in 1999. 

The Austin Advisory Commission will meet at 5pm at Spirit of Texas Drive to consider the proposed temporary customs and immigration facility. The Austin City Council will vote on the measure this Thursday. 

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