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McCaul Reacts to Developments in Egypt

Courtesy the Office of Congressman Michael McCaul

Austin Congressman Michael McCaul (R-Austin) expressed support for democratic reforms, saying a stable Egypt is good for American interests.  McCaul sits on the House Foreign Affairs committee. He said the U.S. should provide a supporting role for bringing "free and fair elections".  But he cautioned that the U.S. cannot take too big a role.

"If there's the impression that the United States is now going in and trying to prop up a government, or that our fingerprints are all over this, I think that will blow back on us," said McCaul. "And it will blow back on this movement, because first and foremost, this is really up to the Egyptian people."

McCaul did express some concern about how quickly the Egyptian military would relinquish power, and whether what he called "extremist elements" would try to take advantage of a power vacuum.

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