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Still Have Smelly Tap Water? The City Wants You To Contact 311

Ángelo González
Wikimedia Commons

It's now been three days of smelly tap water for large parts of Austin, likely caused by the presence of zebra mussels in a water line. The city's water utility is asking customers to call 311 and report their location if they are still experiencing issues. 

On Sunday morning, Austin Water said it is flushing water lines to improve the odor issue. A map tweeted by the utility shows flushing activity in Southwest, South, Southeast, East and Central Austin. 

"Big improvements" have been seen in the taste and odor of the city's tap water Saturday morning, Austin Water said.

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The issues with the city's water were first reported Thursday morning and were initially expected to only last for 24 hours. Austin Water said the culprit was most likely the presence of zebra mussels in a water line at the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant in Southwest Austin.

In addition to calling Austin's 311, you can also submit a report through the 3-1-1 mobile app and check the status of your report.

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