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AISD High School Attendance Doesn't Meet Strategic Plan Goals

A majority of Austin high schools are seeing increased attendance, according to an online data tool from the district. But only three of the district's high schools have attendance rates above the 2012 goal AISD laid out in its Strategic Plan.

Anderson, Bowie and the Liberal Arts and Science Academy are the only high schools in the district with attendance rates over 93 percent. In the district’s Strategic Plan, the goal was attendance rates for all students above that by 2012. 

Crystal Bernard is an AISD attendance specialist for high schools. She says the district keeps those goals in mind, but says small improvements are just as important. “We also try to focus on where our campuses were last year and continuing to make those gains and we are pleased with what we’re seeing that in the majority of our campuses we are continuing to have that increase," Bernard says.

Eight high schools saw attendance increases from last year, while five saw attendance slightly decrease.  The district updates attendance rates online every six weeks. 

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