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Sexy Sax Man Video Includes Cameo By NPR's John Burnett

Screenshot from YouTube
NPR's John Burnett, second from right, performs on stage at the Victory Grill with the Sexy Sax Man.

Sergio Flores created an internet meme called the Sexy Sax Man by sporting suspenders, a mullet and a saxophone and playing the hook to George Michael's 1984 hit "Careless Whisperto unsuspecting patrons inside laundromats, shopping mall food courts and Ross Dress For Less. 

A video making the rounds online today shows the Sexy Sax Man doing his thing at popular spots around Austin. Watch below:

Sexy Sax Man (Sergio Flores) Spreads Holiday Cheer in Austin, TX

We had to mention this obscure piece of trivia about the video: It includes a two second cameo by NPR national correspondent John Burnett. He was playing harmonica with the band at Victory Grill when Sexy Sax Man hit the stage. John is the guy with a short-sleeved gray shirt on stage standing behind Flores. The section of the video starts at 1:20. 

As with most pranks, it's not quite as funny when everyone is in on it, but check out some of Flores' older videos for a taste of the humor that made him popular.