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TX Senator Wants Students to Have Right to Keep Guns in Cars

Veronica Zaragovia for KUT News

Texas college students are a step closer to being allowed to bring concealed handguns onto campuses.

That's after the state Senate passed a bill today that would let students, as well as faculty and staff, who have concealed carry licenses, to bring firearms onto campus. Guns would not be welcomed, however, inside classrooms or libraries.

Senate Bill 1907 by State Sen. Glenn Hegar, R-Katy, would allow students who have concealed handgun licenses to keep them inside their cars on parking lots of Texas colleges and universities.

Sen. says it’s unfair that everyone gets to have a gun locked and hidden in the glove compartment or trunk…except for students. But State Sen. José Rodriguez, D-El Paso, disagreed.

"If they have ill will towards someone, all they gotta do is walk over to their car and get the gun," Sen. Rodriguez said. "It seems to me we are endangering the lives of the university community by allowing these kinds of measures, don’t you think?"

But Sen. Hegar said he's thinking about law-abiding students.

"I respect your opinions and thoughts on that, but I would say that person that wants to do harm, doesn’t really care what the law is," Hegar said."

Senators passed the measure 27 to 4. This session, a Senate version of a bill to let students carry the concealed handgun on their bodies while on campus did not survive. SB 1907 now goes to the House. 

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