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Austin's Eastern Frontier: A Closer Look At The Population Boom In Manor

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In the past decade, the population of the city of Manor has surged dramatically. In 2005, the Census Bureau said the population there was around 2,000. Now, it's somewhere around 11,000 - if you count several subdivisions just outside the city limits.  

Like other suburbs in Central Texas, many newcomers move there from Austin – pushed out by rising housing costs.

But how does a town like Manor deal with that kind of explosive growth – and the accompanying demands on infrastructure? Can Manor afford to keep growing at the same rate?

We teamed up with the Austin Monitor and KLRU to explore those questions in a project called Austin's Eastern Frontier. Check out all of our reporting at the project website.

We divided the series into chapters, all of which can be found at

What's Growing Manor, Texas? | On the history of Manor's booms and busts, and what's led to its rapid recent population growth.

Manor on the Market | As more and more people migrate to Manor, land values are skyrocketing. Find out how developers and those in the Manor real estate business are trying to ensure the city's infrastructure grows along with its population.

Teaching a Booming Student Population | Why some high school students in Manor are encouraged to look at options other than college, and how a new technology school has fared since a visit from President Obama in 2013.

Roads and Transit | Getting around in Manor, getting between Manor and Austin, the cost of paying road tolls, and the police patrolling Manor's roads.

Who's Feeding Manor? | Now that they've got the option, will Manorites favor a new mega-chain over their old neighborhood grocer? And, how a food pantry in a Manor church brings the community together and helps people care for themselves.

Finding Health Care | Those Manorites who are dealing with chronic health conditions, like diabetes, have a tough time finding someone local for their care. Many have to travel to Austin, which can be difficult, especially without a car. The health care options in Manor are starting to grow, though, too, along with the city's population. 

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