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Judge Overturns Ruling Reeling In Texas' Red Snapper Season

A federal district judge has overturned a federal emergency rule that would shorten the red snapper fishing season to as few as 12 days in Texas – down from a projected 22 days.

Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger says that he is disappointed in the ruling. The federal decision that would have shortened the season was put in place to stop the overfishing of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We hope they appeal the judge’s ruling,” Metzger says, “and work to stick to their guns to set a schedule for fishing red snapper that allows for the population to recover to healthy levels.”

In a written statement Attorney General Greg Abbott called the judge’s ruling “the latest example of the federal government getting slapped down for illegal, overreaching regulations.”

“This is a big win for Texas fishermen, jobs along the Gulf Coast and - most importantly - the rule of law,” Abbott continued.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department estimated the economic losses could have totaled as much as $1 million for each day that the season is shortened.

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