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UK Trade Minister Looks To Texas For 'Enormous Opportunities' Post-Brexit

duncan c/Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Signs in London ahead of the first time the United Kingdom was supposed to leave the European Union in October. It didn't actually happen until Jan. 2020, and now the UK is looking to align with Texas as it builds new trade relationships.

From Texas Standard:

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union could mean an opening for new business opportunities between Britain and Texas. For his first overseas trip since Brexit, UK Minister of International Trade, Conor Burns, visited the Lone Star State.

Burns says that’s because he sees “enormous opportunities” for doing business here.

After all, about $14 billion worth of goods are traded between Texas and the UK every year. Burns also cites the statistic that Texas would have the 10th-largest economy in the world if it were its own country. Texas also has the fastest-growing economy in the United States.

Burns says all of that makes it an appealing trading partner for Britain.

He says Texas would be one part of an array of post-Brexit trade agreements with countries and regions all over the world, including the European Union.

“The European Union is going to be an incredibly important trading partner for the United Kingdom going forward,” Burns says. “But, simultaneously, we are looking at negotiating free-trade agreements with the United States, with Australia, with New Zealand, with Japan and ultimately we’re looking at joining the [Trans-Pacific Partnership].”

Burns says coming to Texas first after Brexit was intentional.

“I want the people, the government of Texas, to see that as a declaration of intent of how important Her Majesty’s government sees the potential to grow the economic relationship with Texas.”

Written by Morgan Kuehler.

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