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VIDEO: The Hidden Face of Austin's Homeless

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, KUT
Children and families are among Austin's homeless.

While the visible face of homelessness tends to be a single person by the side of the road in the downtown area, homelessness is so much more – it can be your cousin, your neighbor, your childhood friend, families with little children.

KUT’s Jorge Sanheuza-Lyon put together this video on the hidden face of homelessness in Austin:

With temperatures dipping this week, it’s tempting to burrow away in your warm home with a cup of hot cocoa, and forget the world. But with churches around town opening their doors this week as part of the Cold Weather Shelter Program, it’s never been clearer that the Austin’s homeless population are those who suffer the mostin the winter months.

On any given night there are approximately 2,000 homeless people in Austin who stay in various shelters and on the streets. Austin’s week of homelessness and hunger awareness ended Sunday night, but the mission continues to increase civic awareness on the plight of the city’s homeless citizens.

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