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KUT's Garbage Week

A cartoon garbage truck that says "Garbage Week" and has the KUT 90.5 logo on the side.

KUT's Garbage Week

You throw it in the bin, roll it out to the curb and the truck picks it up.

But what exactly happens to Austin's garbage?

We've gotten lots of questions about the city's trash, recycling and compost, so the week of April 17, we answered as many of your garbage questions as possible.

It was Garbage Week on KUT News — like Shark Week, but with no sharks and more garbage.

We traced the path of the junk Austin makes, including how your food scraps get turned into garden soil, how much of the stuff in the blue bins actually gets recycled and how we can all do trash disposal better.

We want more questions, too. If you have questions about trash in Austin, use the form below and we'll do our best to answer them.

We also want to share your strategies for reducing the amount of trash you produce! Go here to send us your tips!