Don’t Touch The Bats

Nov 28, 2011

We’re not sure if there’s any timely reason for the University of Texas to warn people not to touch bats, but it’s probably a good reminder: 

Environmental Health and Safety and the Office of the Vice President for University Operations want to remind you that Austin has a significant bat population. Bats are considered a high-rabies risk species and like all wildlife, should never be touched.  

If you find a live or dead bat in a building or a live bat outside that cannot fly, please call Environmental Health & Safety's Animal Make Safe program at 471-BATS(2287).

Please remember to shut all windows and doors especially in the evening to help keep bats and other animals from getting into buildings.

For more information about bats and rabies, please visit

You can also call the City of Austin's Health and Human Services Department if you see a grounded bat. Just dial 3-1-1.