How's Self-Isolation Going? We Asked Some Kids To Share Their Experiences

Mar 18, 2020

Schools in Central Texas are closed for at least three weeks to avoid spreading the coronavirus. With so many kids stuck at home (without the library, Thinkery or playdates to entertain them), we wanted to see how they are holding up.

Here’s what kids had to say about avoiding COVID-19 and entertaining themselves.

They understand the gravity of the situation

“I have two people that, like, are at risk ... because one of them is over 60 and that’s really old because their immune system isn’t as good as our young immune system. And one of my family members has Type 1 diabetes.”

– Ruby, 9

“We’re trying to avoid coronavirus because if people just go out they could just all catch the coronavirus and everybody would be sick, and then we could not have school for two years and it would be really bad.”

– Anderson, 7

They have ideas for other kids on how not to get bored

“Jump on their bouncy horses if they have them, or play on the trampoline if they have them, or they can ride their bicycle, get ice cream.”

– Daniela, 6


“Pop up a new world in your brain. Even though you’re not there, you can still be there in your imagination. So, imaginations can help you if you feel bored.”

-Kaisa, 6

They know surviving this is a marathon, not a sprint

“It’s already starting to get a little boring staying at home, so I can’t imagine what it will be like at the end of three weeks. So, it’s one of the only times I'm kind of going to be excited to go to school.” 

“The hardest part about being at home is probably that if I ever FaceTime my friends, I don't really have anything to talk about because nothing happens. The most I can say is I've just been chilling at home all day.”

– Kate, 9

They have advice for everyone, kids and adults

“Wash your feet!”

-Hattie, 4

(Health experts say to also wash your hands)

“Just know that it’s going to be all right and it’ll be over eventually. You should just keep going and pushing through and it will be OK in the end.”

– Eddie, 12

“Be nice to people, because it’s like they are kind of stuck with you, so if you’re being a jerk the entire time, I don’t know, it’s just not good for anybody. Just be an OK person.”

– John, 12