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Political Reporting Needs Work. Help Set The Agenda For Our Reporting On The 2020 Election.

In many ways, political reporting is broken. 

Horserace coverage. Palace intrigue stories. Candidates setting the agenda. 

There's a lot of tail-wagging-the-dog. But elections are about voters. They’re about you — and the choices you have to make. They’re about the things that actually affect your life. Too often, voters’ voices play a secondary role in the reporting about elections. Voters are asked about policies or ideas from the candidates asking for their votes, but rarely is it the voters who are setting the agenda. 

KUT is trying to change that for 2020. We want you to set the agenda. 

We’re starting a new project called Earn My Vote

Put simply: We want to know what you want the candidates to be talking about as they try to earn your vote. What are the most important things you want to hear from candidates? What are the issues you think should rise to the top of the conversation? 

We’ll take this information and build an agenda for our reporting on the 2020 elections in Central Texas. It’s not our agenda; it’s the voters’ agenda. We’ll show you the agenda that will shape our coverage — and hopefully, you’ll hold us accountable if we’re not following it. 

We’ll question each of the candidates running for office in Central Texas about these issues and report back what we find. 

To do this, we need to hear from a wide swath of voters. Not just progressives. Not just conservatives. Not just libertarians. To build a representative agenda, we need all of those voters and everyone in between.

Add your input for KUT's 2020 election agenda in the form below.


Matt Largey is the Projects Editor at KUT. That means doing a little bit of everything: editing reporters, producing podcasts, reporting, training, producing live events and always being on the lookout for things that make his ears perk up. Got a tip? Email him at Follow him on Twitter @mattlargey.
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