Video: Site of Fort Hood Massacre Demolished, Memorial to Be Built

Feb 19, 2014

It was over four years ago when Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan entered the troop-filled soldier processing room at Fort Hood and opened fire with a laser sighted pistol.

Yesterday, the Fort Hood Directorate of Public Works confirmed demolition of Building 42003, the soldier processing room where most of the attack took place.

Video of the demolition – seen below – shows a backhoe tearing into an exterior wall of the building and pulling pieces of it to the ground. The November 2009 attack left 13 people dead and more than 30 wounded.

Fort Hood officials and family members of the victims consulted to create a future plan for the site. The building will be replaced with trees, a gazebo and a plaque to remember the massacre and the victims.

Officials said other buildings in the surrounding area will soon return to normal operations.