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Austin Student Scientists Get Major Recognition for Diabetes Research

CDC/ Amanda Mills

A brother and sister team of young scientists from Westwood High School are finalists in a national science competition.

Priya and Naveen Arunachalam are both finalists in the Exploravision contest. The contest attracted nearly 16,000 students nationwide in a competition to design future technologies that could change the world.

Priya and Naveen's project uses nanotechnology to redirect fat cells in the muscles and heart to mitigate diabetes. Priya, a senior, says to complete the project she focused on the biology of the project, while her brother, a junior, focused on the technology. 

“We both came up with the topic of diabetes. I did most of the research for Type I diabetes. He helped in finding the different kinds of nanotechnologies that are out there and what we can use to attack this problem," Priya said.

Priya says that she hopes that the research can help find a cure for diabetes in the next 20 years.

The winners of the Exploravision national contest will be announced in April.

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