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Watch: Views And Brews On The Science Behind A Coronavirus Vaccine

A tent set up in the Austin Convention Center to treat medical emergencies.
Gabriel C. Pérez
The convention center has been set up as an alternative care site should hospitals in the Austin area become overwhelmed by coronavirus cases.

A number of COVID-19 vaccine trials are underway in the United States, including here in Austin. The findings on whether a potential vaccine is safe and effective are expected by the end of the year, but experts say it's unlikely a vaccine will be widely available until 2021.

Shelley Payne with LaMontagne Center for Infectious Diseases at UT Austin and Jaquelin Dudley, a professor of molecular biosciences at UT, join KUT's Rebecca McInroy to discuss what's unique about creating a vaccine for the coronavirus, and how scientists determine when one is ready, safe and effective.

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