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Hays County Voter Guide: What you need to know to vote today

A "vote here" sign and a "Hays County Election Entrance" sign are seen outside a polling location in Hays County.
Julia Reihs
Several local races are on the ballot in Hays County, including mayoral and city council elections.

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Election Day is today! Several local races are on the ballot in Hays County, including mayoral and city council races, in addition to 14 proposed amendments to the state Constitution.

Here's what you need to know to vote in Hays County.

(If you live in Travis County, view this guide. If you live in Williamson County, view this guide.)

Am I registered to vote?

You can verify your voter registration in Hays County using the Texas Secretary of State's My Voter Portal. The deadline to register for this election has passed.

When and where can I vote?

If you're registered to vote in Hays County, you can vote at any of the county's polling locations. Find a location near you by typing your address into the county's map. Polls are open on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

IDs are needed to vote

Everyone who votes will need photo identification. Here is the list of accepted forms of ID:

  • Texas driver's license
  • Texas election identification certificate
  • Texas personal identification card
  • Texas handgun license
  • U.S. military identification card that includes the person’s photograph
  • U.S. citizenship certificate that includes the person’s photograph
  • U.S. passport 

Voters' IDs should be up to date, but they can be expired for up to four years. Voters 70 or older can bring a photo ID that has been expired for any length of time.
If you had trouble getting an ID ahead of this election and don’t have one, here are the accepted alternatives:

  • government document showing your name and an address, such as your voter registration certificate
  • current utility bill
  • bank statement
  • government check
  • paycheck
  • certified domestic birth certificate or court-admissible birth document

All of these documents can be either a copy or the original. If you use one of these, you’ll have to sign a form that says you had a reasonable impediment to getting an ID.

What if I want to vote by mail?

Registered voters in Texas can vote by mail if you:

  • will be away from your county on Election Day and during early voting;
  • are sick or disabled;
  • are 65 or older on Election Day; 
  • are confined in jail, but eligible to vote; or
  • are expecting to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day.

Residents can print out an application to vote by mail from the Hays County website. The deadline to apply to vote by mail has passed.

Use black or blue ink to fill out your mail-in ballot, and follow the instructions to deliver it on time. Make sure the county's elections office receives your ballot on or before Election Day. You can mail your ballot or deliver it in person to the county elections office. Make sure your envelope is sealed and take your ID with you if you go in person.

The Austin-area League of Women Voters has additional tips for filling out your application to vote by mail and the overall process.

What's on my ballot?

Texans across the state will have the opportunity to decide whether 14 constitutional amendments proposed by state lawmakers pass or fail. Voters in Hays County will also vote on mayoral and city council races.

A full sample ballot can be found on the Hays County website. To see what your specific ballot will look like, type your address into

Learn more about the races below:

The City of Kyle has a mayoral race and a few City Council positions on the ballot:

Mountain City
The City of Mountain City has an election for three aldermen on the ballot. Voters can choose none, one, two or three of the following candidates:

  • Suzanne Hallam (incumbent)
  • Lee Taylor (incumbent)
  • Eric James Miller
  • John L. Wilson
  • Chris Limmer

San Marcos
The City of San Marcos has a few City Council positions on the ballot:

The City of Woodcreek has a mayoral election and an election for two open City Council member seats. Voters can choose none, one or two of the City Council candidates.

Maya Fawaz is KUT's Hays County reporter. Got a tip? Email her at Follow her on Twitter @mayagfawaz.
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