COVID-19 Latest: Emergency Relief Food Distribution To Take Place Thursday

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COVID cases in Hays County are dwindling. But there's still a small spike among college students.

Active COVID-19 cases in Hays County are on a steady decline, but there’s one age group still seeing small spikes in cases.

“We are seeing quite a few cases that are popping up here in San Marcos, especially in the 18-, 25-year-old age range, which does have a lot to do with our Texas State population here in San Marcos,” epidemiologist Eric Schneider said at a news conference Wednesday. “We want to make sure that our college students are being smart. I know you're wearing your mask. I know you’re social distancing. But when you're off campus, you need to continue those practices.”

Texas State University started conducting some in-person classes again in late August. The school has its own contact tracing system and team, as well as its own COVID-19 dashboard.

Schneider also said there are more active cases in Hays County than in Travis County, despite major population differences, because Hays doesn’t automatically clear active cases after 14-20 days. Instead, the county keeps people listed as active cases until someone from the health department can contact them to confirm they’re better.

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Emergency relief food distribution to take place Thursday

Central Texas Food Bank is hosting another emergency relief food distribution on Thursday to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

The event takes place from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Nelson Field, 7105 Berkman Drive, Austin.

Pre-packaged boxes of food will be distributed via drive-thru. The boxes will be loaded directly into the vehicle’s trunk, so organizers ask that people make room before arriving.

COVID-19 Dashboards

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